Concrete5 Migration Problem: Blank Page When Moving From Windows to Linux

Jan 29, 2015 3:32:11 PM

Concrete5 is extremely finicky. Hence transitioning a Concrete5 web project from Windows server to Linux server can often turn out to be a daunting task for developers.

However, one can easily migrate a C5 site from one server to another within a remarkably short period of time if solutions to some complex migration issues are already known to developers. In an endeavor to help you save considerable amount of time & resources while working with migration issue in Concrete5 development, we've put together this blog for you.

This blog first discusses the "blank page of death" migration issue encountered with Concrete5 and then explains the detailed solution to resolve the issue.

A Brief Background of the Migration Problem in Concrete5 - Blank Page on Moving Concrete5 Project From Windows to Linux Server
Concrete5 Migration Problem  Blank Page When Moving From Windows to Linux

Last month when our team of web programmers was attempting to migrate a client site from Windows server to Linux, we got stuck with the blank page error while running a copy of Concrete5 in the browser. Our client site was already working fine on Windows server while we were trying to get it working on Linux server as well. We also navigated where the php.ini file was located at the Linux server only to discover everything was perfectly right. We also tried to change the /config/site.php file to reflect the new environment but to no avail. Next, we created a user with appropriate permissions on the new MySQL database, but still things didn't work out.

When we put across a check on the server hostname, dbname, db username and password, we figured out that all the things were absolutely correct with the db user having full permissions on the db. Also, the permissions on files and folders were correctly CHMODed. However, the issue remained same.

Solution Proposed By Daffodil Team

We decided to resolve the issue by examining the entire Concrete5 conversion project from start to finish. Ensuring flawless transition, we knocked out the blank page issue while moving our client site from Windows server to Linux server as explained below.

To fix the problem, we added a line "lower_case_table_names = 1" without quotes in our my.cnf file which was located just below the [mysqld] block.

Just like we did above, you can also try the solution while working on Concrete5 project to get your problem of blank page resolved in a jiffy!! In case you have any question, please drop us your queries at

Good luck and happy coding!!

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