Prudential Migration for Optimum Revamping of Your eStore

Feb 8, 2013 1:16:35 PM

We come across many clients asking for a revamp of their e-stores. While they are certainly correct for their store's revamping needs, but many of them are unaware about choosing technology for their new store and others, although, come with a pre-defined CMS choice, but fail to give us very convincing reasons for choosing that particular CMS. We evaluate a perfect fit for our client by a technique called "Prudential Migration".

This technique helps us in gauging two important factors while deciding the needed technology; first how can his current store be moved to a new technology with minimum investment and second as to which CMS will give our client the optimum ROI. Prudential Migration involves certain standard tasks which when followed help achieving the above goals with quantitative results. A recent case study of one of Daffodil's clients, who got his e-store, migrated to Magento will project as to how the technique is applied at Daffodil to provide best solution to our clients.

Offered conditions and an overview of client's requirements:

1.Older Store was built on Cake PHP and most of the products in store were packages of certain mini         products in them.
2.Client wanted similar UI and all database to be migrated to new store automatically.
3.Products might increase many folds in coming next year and hence he wanted an e-store, which could handle large no. products.
4.Client wanted many more new features to be incorporated in his new store.
5.He wanted the website to be mobile compatible.
6.Client wanted a facility to have different stores for different product domain in future.

Offered solution fulfilling client's all needs in budget less than his expectations: Daffodil used "Prudential Migration" technique; evaluated all current and future requirements of client; gauged client's technical competency and then offered Magento for his new store for following reasons.

1. Being an open source CMS, most of the e-commerce features come for free in community version of Magento and hence the overall cost of development remained very nominal.
2. Magento is robust, stable and an established ecommerce CMS. So chances of any unwanted bugs, during project development are prevented, which inturn prevented any money loss in fixing bugs.
3.  Admin section of Magento is very user friendly, which allows administrator to handle back end, faster and more prudentially. Handling back end in Magento does not require any special technical competency.
4.  Magentohas a huge marketplace, with lot of paid and unpaid extensions available. This enabled us to add all needed features in client's new store in quite nominal price. Client indeed got many such features, which were not requested by him, but came by default, when we used Magento.
5.  Magento can handle large no. of products in store and group and Bundled products feature comes by default in community version of Magento.
6.   Multiple store feature is one of the default features of Magento, which enables Admin tolaunch a new store in very nominal cost and that too just in hours.The new store can even have independent UI.
7.   Magento automatically builds user friendly URLs of each and every page. This helps in achieving better SEO of the portal with an ease and henceforth certainly helps in achieving more business.
8.   We created a quick script, which could import all products from client's older store to new store.
9.  As client wanted a similar UI, so instead of creating PSD's and HTML from scratch, we used same HTML, which was easily made compatible to produce Magento's theme.
10.  And on top of all such features, Magento facilitates a mobile compatible theme by default, which was used to make mobile version of client's store in almost half of the price of what client had allocated for making his store mobile compatible.

We at Daffodil, believe in providing best possible solutions to our client in lowest possible cost and "Prudential Migration" technique has always been proved to be best tool for us to help our clients with optimum solution.

Team Daffodil

Written by Team Daffodil

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