Tips on Building a "Top-Selling" Mobile App

Nov 25, 2015 12:21:54 PM

When you are using an app, it is often easy to be filled with the idea that something that operates out of the small screen of a smartphone must be quite easy to create, but the truth is that every successful app packs an immense amount of cutting edge technology, ingenuity and research.

For a startup, it can be quite difficult to create an app. Having envisioned, designed, developed, launched and maintained more than 400 apps for our clients, we at Daffodil Software understand fully the complications that have to be dealt with for creating a world class app.

While creating an app, the focus of the team at Daffodil is not only on developing the final product, but also on helping the customer with factors like market research, user acquisition, business decisions, analytics and ensuring that the lifecycle of the app is productive.

Tip #1

Research, Research, Research: Research, especially qualitative research, is critical. You must talk to your customers and learn about their key concerns—this is important because ultimately the app has to be created to serve the needs of the customer. Your app can deliver good results only when the customers download it and start using it.

Tip #2

Laser Focus: What is the most common problem that your app is supposed to solve? You must have a comprehensive knowledge of what exactly you expect from your app. Also, you have to get everyone in your app development team to focus on solving that precise problem only.

Tip #3

Endless Research Doesn’t Pay: For the success of your project it is critical that you you have a clear conception of the end product that you need. There is no point in getting bogged into endless research, which may lead to delays in the actual execution of the product.

The purpose of an app is to accentuate your business and it all starts with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). App development does land a golden egg on your lap but instead provides you with a budding plant which can only blossom with constant gardening.


Team Daffodil

Written by Team Daffodil

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