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Global Rights Management Platform

Comprehensive broadcast's right management platform for a global entertainment business developed using ReactJS technology.


Health Information Exchange Platform

An innovative health exchange mobile platform that is resolving the nation’s biggest healthcare issue.


Patient Engagement

Healthcare platform that connects patients and doctors to schedule and track appointments in less than 5 minutes.

National Nutrition


Intuitive e-commerce portal for Canada's leading natural health product company that helped them to scale up their business overseas.

GS Booking

Online Travel Portal

Modern online travel portal built with .Net framework that helped to acquired more users and helped our client to become one of the Greece’s popular travel portal.

Bridge to India

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

An analytical tool for green energy consultant to help them publish trends and reports in real time with stakeholders at minimal cost.


Club and Event Search App

Scalable SAAS application with geo-location feature that helps youth to find best events around.


iPad app for a Global HealthTech leader

HiTech app for remote monitoring of Ultrasound machine made for the largest healthcare technology enterprise headquartered in Germany.


Comprehensive Stock Trading and Investment Application

Ultimate stock trading app loaded with rich features such as 128-bit secure environment, live chat, mock trading championships and integration with third-party tools.


Highly Flexible and User-Friendly CRM

User-friendly and flexible CRM built with Sharepoint to help sales persons for a seamless and collaborated environment.


Gamification Based Banking CRM

Intuitive cross platform banking CRM integrated with complex external ERP that helps to manage all banking operations.


Platform for Transporters and Truckers

A versatile digital platform built with React JS to connect transporters and truckers, also, known as Uber for the logistics industry.

case study

Software Product Development

Software product development forecast, trends, and startup eco-system.

case study

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce growth, impact and the rise of outsourcing.