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Product Engineering

Comprehensive med-tech solutions for healthcare organizations
and professionals so they can focus on delivering affordable and quality care


Utilize our bandwidth of full stack development resources for building your next generation software product. With over 10,000+ man hours of experience in creating disruptive products, our product engineering team owns the complete software lifecycle to deliver an experience that will wow you at every level.



Cloud approach with open integration to insure business flexibility


Complete development ownership envisioning you as partners to our success


Mobile First mindset to build future ready products


Application of Best practices from serving over 1500 customers across 35 verticals


Agile development practices for continuous delivery and improvement


DevOps teams that deliver products at a higher velocity


Full Stack development teams allowing you freedom to choose your own technology


Automated testing frameworks to ensure top notch quality

A Glimpse of Our Work


ENT Network

A leading Indian entertainment company that connects people with 30 plus categories within the entertainment industry. Daffodil helped ENT to develop first ever social media platform for celebrities, production houses, agencies, etc. This platform allows users to post and seek for jobs while building a social presence to enhance their public presence. A user can also upload different media to showcase their abilities and create their own fan base.



Nairobi-based comprehensive mobile health platform that allows patients to communicate with patients, clinics with payment processing capabilities. Daffodil Software team designed an integrated system for Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy, and Labs that helps patients or households to conveniently find qualified doctors, laboratory services and original medicines when in need of care.

Why Choose Us


Years in business of building
innovative apps


employees with a range of
expertise in multiple
software technologies


apps built that have regularly
made the app store
trending list


Countries served with our
development services

Customer Speaks


"Thank you for your continued hard work, extra hours and real dedication towards our product. Team daffodil went an extra mile to deliver our project in strict timeline. The skillset of the developers is exceptional. All the best." 

- Rob King,‎ Director of Product Development, Enforme Interactive

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